The Art of Preparing Yourself for a New Job!

Companies don’t hire you, you get hired!!!  - Vinod Kumar M.

That is true, you get hired not companies hire you!

Today, I had the chance to read a very informative blog post by Vinod Kumar M. (blog) on Pinal Dave’s blog.

Both are well known in their expertise in SQL Server and professional development fields and recently they authored a nice book called: “SQL Server Interview Questions and Answers” which act as a good quick refresher even if you are not planning to go for an interview.

The post talked about:

  • When and how often do people switch jobs?
  • What is the best job?
  • How to make the employer feel that you must be hired?
  • What attributes are surely going to get you a step on the door if not the final job?

It talked as well about the “Overdoing vs. Over-Qualified” subject… I highly encourage you to read this part if you feel you are over-qualified when searching for a job or after finishing an interview! It mentioned some attributes that need to keep in mind when facing interviews.

However, it addressed the “Hard worker vs. Smart Worker” subject and talked about what assets that management always loves to hear?

True things mentioned before the end, that it is a mind game!

  • First 5 minutes, your first impression -> make or break the deal!
  • Last 5 minutes, closing -> decide to have it or leave it.
  • Tips in choosing words during the interview.
  • How to mention your contributions in a good way?
  • Create a positive impression when you leave.

Moreover, it addresses some other important manners about: dress, making impression, your body language, talking too much, what to focus on, and what to do when you become aggressive?

The post addressed the importance of social media and how it might affect your interview or new job?

Finally, a list of questions (really excellent ones) that will help your to prepare mentally and some real excellent tips.

Thank you Vinod Kumar for these great tips and informative post!

~ Hossam

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